Control Measures for your Small Business Social Media Accounts

  It’s a story those of us in social media management hear again and again: “Well I had an intern for the summer who knew all about social media, and they set everything up- so I don’t have any of the log-ins.” Social Media Permissions Would you let someone run...

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Ten Quick Tips for Using Hashtags on Business Posts

Hashtags for Business Posts If you are posting for your business socially and are wondering about how to best use hashtags the following tips can help you get started. Remember hashtags are primarily pertinent to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. However,...

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Charitable Sponsorships for the Local Business Owner

  You know your business has reached a certain level of success when not only do you have a barrage of media account executives parading through your company door every day, but you are consistently solicited for charitable giving and charitable sponsorships....

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Networking to Grow Your Business

Are you Networking to Grow Your Business? I had a boss once who thought the best salesperson on my sales team was the person who made the greatest number of cold calls. It had nothing to do with the individual's close ratio or final performance numbers which were...

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Considering Putting Radio Advertising in Your Marketing Mix?

The Pros of Radio Advertising Radio advertising is quantitative and qualitative.  With a music or talk format, assumptions can be made about the kind of person listening:  age, sex, income, interests, and more.   When considering utilizing a station in your marketing...

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Measuring Your Social Media Return on Investment

As a business owner, you may be struggling with how to measure your social media return on investment of both time and money on your social media outlets. Welcome to a very, very large club. Social media applies to every area of the consumer...

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Basics for Marketing Your Small Business

You can find a top ten list and countless articles with catchy titles on all the "do’s" and "don'ts" for marketing your small business when you are not in the position to hire a marketing director.  The problem is, you don’t have the time when you are running your...

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Creating Effective and Compelling Marketing Messages

Business owners who don’t have a dedicated marketing staff often struggle when it comes to developing their marketing and advertising copy.  As a business owner, you are the expert in your field.  However, you may not be well versed in marketing and advertising, yet...

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Fear Not Social Media

Luddite: someone who is opposed or resistant to new technologies or technological change. ( For business owners, especially those not tech savvy themselves, resisting utilization of social media can be a deterrent to maximizing your bottom line. Tweet...

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